Propa SuperFan Tour Pass!

Want more shows? This tier is for YOU!
Experience Tour life with me and ride shotgun from the comfort of your own home!
This tier is for those serious about seeing MORE  of what I do best!
Let me bring the club to YOU!
Rave on! ✌️
Luv&Bass DJ Rap x💋

  • Everything in the Propa Tier
  • One-hour Exclusive Tour Footage of me performing Live!
  • Live Audio Mix from that performance!
  • Vip Backstage pass + Behind the Scene Content!
  • Video Mix of me Djing with multi-cam and pro sound once a month in my studio to download and stream!!
  • A DJ mix (audio) once a month exclusive for patrons to download and stream!
  • One DJ Studio stream per month! (2 if there are no live performances)
  • A place to make new friends, build community, and level up together in the Propa Tribe Facebook group exclusive to patrons!
  • Guaranteed seat in the zoom chat once a month!
  • Free DJ Rap Track once a month from the Propa Collection!
  • Patrons that choose to buy/support my releases get a second extra track from the Propa archives!
  • Signed picture of DJ Rap wallpaper to use as art or screensavers (monthly)!
  • Excludes Taxes/Vat

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