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Here is all the info you will need and FAQ for your convenience. Pricing is listed below 
See full details below in application form
Everyone is unique, so I create every lesson to individually suit fit your specific needs.
I use/teach Ableton, this means I can NOT teach you how to use logic/cubase,etc, only Ableton. production/plugins are transferable in most Daws, so even if you use another DAW, I can help you.
Everyone is different, so I create individual lessons to fit your specific needs.
Please fill out this short questionnaire to help me give you the best experience.

For private lessons on Mix/ Mastering tracks please contact James  Sola DnB

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One hour Lesson £75.00

This is typically best suited for an artiste that only needs my help now and then, or needs a specific question answered/writer’s block/unique issue with their track/ advice regarding the music biz.
This is intense with the aim of solving your specific issue in 1 hour.


2 Hour lesson 140 (saving 10 pounds)
8 hour lesson bundle (4 two hour blocks in total, once a week for a month) = 560 (saving 40 pounds)

This bundle is best suited for the artist that wants to be able to write and complete tracks/learn (Does not include mastering)

Ableton/Production/Artist Mentorship/Music Business/Run A Label/DJ Mentorship/Social Media/Marketing/Basic Legal aspects/Publishing
Ideal no matter what level you are at.

Once you have filled out the application, If I think I can help you, we can set up a 15 min FREE call no obligation, to discuss your needs further.


Please have realistic expectations, there is homework and your progress depends on how hard you work. It takes many years to be a competent producer, what you put in is what you get out. The goal is to teach you how to stand on your own so you have the tools to start on your journey, step by step, I can help to get you on your way, but talent, practice, passion, and drive are all you. So bring your A-game because we will work hard and have fun doing it.


Open the Daw is the property of DJ Rap and is protected by copyright laws. Never share Open The Daw material with anyone. Never upload to any social media as this is infringment of copyrighted material created specifically for students. Infringement is a serious crime that has serious consequences if violated will lead to prosecution.


What happens after I fill out this form?

Once this is completed, I will determine if I can help you. This is a serious commitment!
If I feel this is a good fit for us both, and you feel the same, next we have a 15 min call for me to explain how things work and how lessons go. and to set up a time/schedule that suits us both.
Should you wish to proceed, you will be asked for payment/deposit depending on the option picked.


We understand that things can happen in life.
For Single lessons, you are allowed to reschedule once so long as you give 24 hours’ notice.
If you miss your lesson and do not notify me 24 hours prior to rescheduling, you will not be refunded. 
We can arrange to Reschedule you for a future session when available.
We do not give refunds. To give the best experience to my students, seats are limited to 4 per month and there is a waitlist. Much time and preparation goes into this and for this reason, we ask payment to be paid in full 48 hours in advance or earlier for a single £200 lesson as your fee guarantees your seat to save you from disappointment and having to wait another month!
For Our Bundle half the deposit (500) is required to guarantee your seat. The remainder (500) is paid the following 2 weeks. Bank details will be provided, as well as invoices for your records should you wish to move forward.


I use/teach Ableton, this means I can NOT teach you how to use logic/cubase,etc, only Ableton. production/plugins are transferable in most Daws, so even if you use another DAW, I can help you.
Everyone is different, so I create individual lessons to fit your specific needs.

Can I Try Ableton for Free?

Yes, you can! All info is here
Initially, you can download the free demo a couple of days before your first lesson, the demo is for 30 days. It’s the lite version, meaning not fully stacked, but enough plugs in/instruments to get your going before you go all in.

Can you teach me how to DJ?

I can help with DJing questions regarding the industry but I do not teach one on one djing as that requires in-person tuition with multiple formats (diff gear/controllers etc) I am not set up for that, everything I teach is online.

How it works

I use stream yard/zoom/private Facebook/YouTube group to teach each student.
For mentorship, if it’s talking only, we use Zoom.
For production, it’s streamyard directly into a private Facebook /YouTube page for each student.
You get a download of your lesson shortly after as I will send it to you via we transfer ( you are the only one to see it) then it’s removed from the facebook page.

How much Homework is there?

Realistically, you should try to recreate everything I showed you in the lesson the same day and no later than the day after if possible. This is because we forget 60% of what we absorb after 2 days. So once you receive the download of your lesson, watch it again and repeat what you learned if you can. Repetition is similar to scales on a piano, It’s the ONLY way to become fluent as a producer by practice.
You should be comfortable with what you learned so we are ready to move on to something new for the next lesson. You can go at your own pace, there is no pressure, it’s just a recommendation as it’s your time, your money, we can go as fast/slow as you like.

Why don't you teach mastering/how can I complete my tracks?

I outsource all my mastering because years of playing in clubs equals loss of hearing in certain frequencies for me. You do not have to do everything yourself.
For masters I use Dean:
 For final Mix/Production Mastering Private Lessons, please contact 

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