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Dj Rap,

Get Hype Records invites you to download an exclusive copy of their upcoming release by DJ Rap, Erb N Dub.

When three worlds collide in the studio it generally ends in one thing - total dance floor devastation. This incoming combination of artists on Get Hype Records certainly raises the expectations to supersonic levels. “So who is it?” We hear you ask - Lets find out… 

Enter DJ Rap - she surely needs no introduction. The Drum & Bass Queen & the first lady of Jungle/Drum & Bass who is responsible for some of the biggest tunes over the last 20 years and has been absolutely killing dancefloors consistently from London to Los Angeles and beyond for just as long. After a string of killer releases on her own imprint Proper Talent - DJ Rap has taken to the studio for an exclusive release on Get Hype Records where she has teamed up with badboy producer and DJ, Erb ’N’ Dub, a master in the studio who himself has had a huge 12 months with releases on Ram Records and Technique to name but a few, all this whilst touring the globe and honing the sound of his brand new three pronged act ‘Killer Hertz’. 

This track is far from complete without the third vital element - and that comes in the shape of legendary UK Grime MC ‘Scrufizzer’, one of the most highly rated Grime MC’s and fresh from his ‘New Level’ EP. A true UK Talent in the scene, Scrufizzer provides the cutting edge vocals to give the track a dynamic twist to take it up to 7th gear and beyond. The outcome of this coming together of forces is the Jungle/D&B Grime-infused UK Dancefloor Banger ‘Run Dis Ting’ and it’s here to stamp its mark on the D&B scene and show the people who the bosses really are. Get ready to ‘Run Dis Ting’. 

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Released 9th November 2018 on Get Hype Records.