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Welcome to my Bandcamp Page!

Are you a trued collector of DJ Rap's music? Are you trying to find those Rare albums and releases on PROPA TALENT? Are you a vinyl junkie? Maybe you just want to hear her unreleased material? Well, the wait is over! Visit DJ Rap's page to see what goodies are released every month. This month exclusive treasure is DJ Rap's 'Synthesis' released in 2010 on Ministry Of Sound. Synthesis explores multi genres of the electronic world while performed by renowned musicians from around the world. DJ Rap then took these compositions and with a real labour of love that took over a year, produced them adding her vocals to create a unique album that is timeless. Unlocking the 'PROPA' Vault DJ Rap will also release demos from earlier albums and rare material never before heard. Watch this space on all social media for updates on the latest releases.

Thank you for all your support! Luv&Bass DJRap